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Frequently Asked Questions

The What, The Before, The Day Of, and The After Answers & More 
We encourage you to read all of the info below for the best experience with InkCharm

What is the difference between microblading, microshading, and ombre powder brows and how will I know which one is right for me?


Microblading is the art of creating fine, hairline strokes between existing eyebrow hair to give the eyebrows a fuller look. 


Microshading is a great option for every person but especially ideal for client's who have very little to no hair on their brow.  It's a look that features fine hairlines in the front of the brow using the microblading technique and finishes with a powder brow at the tail of the brow.

Ombre powder brows are a soft, powder-like look with no hairlike strokes. It gives the perception of a lightly powdered brow. This style is good for clients with oily skin and clients who require correctional work from previous tattoos because it covers a larger area to hide any old tattoo work or mistakes. 

During the consultation, we’ll discuss what you’re hoping to achieve.  After review, we’ll take our years of experience in this field and suggest what we believe is the best direction, shape and color for your face. 

THE BEFORE: What do I need to do prior to my appointment?


If you haven't already done so, please review our Policies Page. Once your appointment time has been booked, you will receive an online consent form that MUST be completed and signed before your procedure can begin.  Please review the consent form thoroughly, as it is important that you understand everything including our NO SHOW Policy. 


As a precaution to avoid excessive swelling, bleeding and bruising, we strongly suggest that our clients do not drink alcohol, take aspirin or ibuprofen at least 24-48 hours before their first initial appointment.   Avoid coffee and any cardio workout at least 24 hours before the actual appointment time to prevent a higher heart rate, which may result in increased blood flow. ​Refrain from tweezing, waxing, or performing electrolysis one week before.  Avoid tanning or sunburn two weeks prior. Don't have any facial treatments one weeks before and don't work out on the day of the procedure. Avoid Botox for three weeks before.​If your appointment is for eye or lash liner, please remove any type of false eyelashes, lash extensions prior to your appointment.  Please make sure that all makeup is removed from your face prior to your appointment. 

Lip Blush Procedure - Take Valtrex before the procedure if you are prone to lip cold sores. 

Eyeliner or Lash liner Procedure - Remove your contact lenses before your appointment and if you currently have glaucoma medication, please bring a doctor's note. Please remove any type of false lashes prior to appointment

Please make sure that all makeup is removed from your face prior to your appointment. 

THE DAY OF: What can I expect on the day of my appointment? 


Treatments need their allocated time for best results; we cannot rush or cut corners.  Accordingly, please arrive for your appointment ten (10) minutes before your scheduled time. We cannot guarantee that you will be seen if you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment. Please allot enough time for traffic and parking. 

Your total appointment time, depending on the procedure, is approximately 1-2 hours.


After the initial consultation to determine the perfect shape and color for your needs, we prep the area for treatment and apply a topical numbing cream, which takes about 20-40 minutes.

Waiting for the numbing to set takes the most time. Once the procedure begins, the process is very quick. Every client's pain tolerance is different, but overall the procedure is not considered painful.  The scratching sound of the blading tool is what clients find most distracting only because it is an unfamiliar sensation.  

Where are you located and is there parking? 

InkCharm Studios is located in the Highland Park area of Los Angeles, CA at 5212 York Blvd.  We are currently remodeling our front unit space. Please enter through the side door on our driveway. 

Metered parking is available on York Blvd., or non-metered parking is available on the cross streets in the residential areas. However, please be mindful of the city signs for any restrictions. 

Please do not park in the lot for the Super-A grocery store or the lot for the Highland Park Animal Hospital. 


We're less than 6 miles away from Pasadena and half that distance to Eagle Rock, so if you're visiting us from an area further out, make a day of it! There's plenty of wonderful shops and restaurants just within walking distance of us!

THE AFTER: What can I expect after my appointment?


We will provide you with after-care instructions, which you can also review here. For the best possible results, please follow them carefully.  After-Care Procedure PDF

Once your initial session is done and if it includes a complimentary check-up session, we strongly recommend you schedule your check-up appointment before you leave the studio. That appointment MUST be SCHEDULED AND COMPLETED within six (6) weeks of the original session. 

Once the numbing wears off, the area can be very sensitive. Over the next 7-10 days, the area will also change color as it heals, often looking much darker than anticipated. This is NORMAL. Don’t panic, just be patient.


The area will become flaky as it scabs and the color may seem to fade. This is also normal, again, don't panic. Please be patient. Do not pick at the scabs, let the area take its course and heal. 

What is a complimentary check-up session and when do I come back for that?


If your initial session includes a complimentary check-up session (please check the services page here to confirm), keep in mind that the treated area is not considered "finished" until after the check-up session. 


This check-up session, scheduled within six (6) weeks of your initial session, allows InkCharm to revisit the area that service was provided on and adjust as needed at the time of the check-up appointment. Think of this complimentary session as an opportunity for InkCharm to put the finishing touches on a work of art. 

With that understanding of what a check-up session is, please be prepared to take the same necessary steps to ensure a great session - avoid alcohol, caffeine and any cardio workouts prior;  arrive at the studio at least ten (10) minutes prior to your appointment time (allowing time for parking, etc.) ; allow at least an hour for this check-up session; give your body time to heal after the check-up session. 

We cannot stress this part enough: complimentary check-up appointments must be SCHEDULED AND COMPLETED within six (6) weeks of the original session. We strongly recommend you schedule your complimentary touch-up appointment BEFORE you leave the studio after your original session.  Please note that rescheduling complimentary check-up appointments with less than 72-hours notice will incur a $40.00 charge; these rescheduled appointments MUST still be scheduled and completed within six (6) weeks of the original session. If the complimentary check-up session exceeds the six (6) week window, touch-up session pricing will take effect. No exceptions. 


Please be sure to read our company policies here.


Do you train people who are interested in permanent makeup?

Training with InkCharm Studio is suitable for anyone who is interested in the art of permanent makeup, no special license is required.  Training opportunities in permanent makeup currently focuses on the eyebrows.


A standard training session for beginner technicians is $2800.00 and includes hands-on training. Please visit our training page for more info.

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